1. All are instructed to uphold the College practice of keeping the environment of the campus free from pollution, with the policy “Think Green, Go Green”.
  2. Everyone should adopt “green thinking” at every step of the formulation and execution of the College programmes. 
  3. Everyone should strive to maintain a “Plastic-Free Campus” in the College, and, should also spread awareness on the importance of reducing the institution’s plastic footprint.
  4. All should•Restrict the usage of single-use plastic items like bottles, cups etc.•Use biodegradable and compostable plastics.•Develop a habit of using products made from recyclable or reusable materials.
  5. Everyone must follow the “3 R’s” of waste management – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. 
  6. Water should be carefully used and not wasted. Every drop that we save is precious, and can be used by another person in need.
  7. Save electricity by switching off fans, lights and electrical appliances that are not in use. Each one of us must play our part in conserving power. 
  8. Everybody should develop a tradition of gifting plants or books as mementoes to all the guests at the College programmes.
  9. All are encouraged to plant a sapling on the occasion of their birthdays in the Birthday Vana project of the College. 
  10. Every Department ought to organize cleanliness drives periodically.

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