Rules And Regulations

The following rules are devised to ensure that the best services can be provided to the greatest number of users.

  • Deposit all bags, personal textbooks, files etc. at the bag counter before entering the main section of the library. Do not leave any money or valuables at the bag counter. The library staff is not responsible for any loss. Sign in the register before entering and sign out when you leave the library.
  • Other than wearing your college photo-identity card, also have your library cards when using the library.
  • Silence is mandatory in and around the reading room area of the library. Discussions in study groups are inappropriate in the reading areas of the library.
  • Get issued your books using your library cards. Books are issued strictly in order of application. The librarian has right to not issue certain books when circumstances warrant it.
  • Examine books while getting issued them. Report any damage found in the book immediately at the issue counter. If the student fails to do so, he/she will be held responsible for any damage that may be detected later.
  • Handle library books carefully. Use books with care. Underlining, highlighting, or scribbling is strictly forbidden and carries severe penalties. Tearing of pages or damaging the binding is strictly forbidden and also carries severe penalties.
  • The student is responsible for books issued in his/her name. Books lost, damaged or defaced must be paid for the reader on whose name they were issued. The value of the books will be assessed by the librarian.
  • Please return the books before or by the due date. When possible, get reissued the books that you need for a longer duration. The fine for overdue books is Re.1 for each day past the due date including holidays.
  • Use the books in the stacks with care. Books are placed by their accession numbers. Avoid replacing books randomly whilst locating a book that is required. Misplaced books obstruct optimal library usage. The librarian/assistant can be contacted for help.
  • Chewing gum and eating are not permitted in the library.
  • Furniture must be used as arranged and only for its proper purpose (i.e., a table to place books and chairs for sitting)
  • All rules described under Code of Conduct are applicable to the library area.
  • Library usage is privilege contingent on respecting library rules. If library rules are disregarded or incidences of indiscipline occur in the library, the student may lose his/her privilege to access the library.
  • The librarian reserves the right to recall any book or periodical when required.

Library Sections

  • Property counter: To keep personal belongings.
  • Circulation counter: To issue / return and renewal of books.
  • Reference Desk: Open access to refer the books in the library.
  • Digital library: A collection of digital documents.
  • Periodical section: To refer Journals/Magazines and Newspapers.
  • Students Reading Hall: Reading area for students and staff.

Library Services

  • Open Access: Users can easily select a books of their choice
  • Loan: Issue of books for a maximum period of Seven days
  • Over Night: Issue of books for an overnight reference
  • Reference: Books for reference in library
  • Book Bank: To provide books for economically and socially backward students
  • Book selection from students: Opportunity for students to suggest new title to the library
  • User Education: To create awareness about library functions
  • Incentives for sports students:Additional books are provided to sports persons on their request
  • Display of new Arrivals: To display the latest accessed books to library
  • Newspaper clippings: Collect paper clipping on
  • Syllabus Copy(B.Com, BBA, BCA, B.Sc)
  • University previous year question papers
  • Internal question papers
  • Career guidance for employment to the students.

Special Activities Of The Library

Best User Award: Recognizing students as best User Award for their extensive and disciplined use of library

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